Our Story

So, where exactly did we come up with our name? Our founder, Pete Susca, is a Jersey boy who moved down South around 20 years ago. Life up North had been a different experience and Pete had a lot of questions about why people did things a certain way down here and the inevitable answer was always "it's a southern thing". At first, he didn't understand what people meant, but the longer he lived down here and the more he fell in love with the South, the more he understood; from moving at a slower pace to picking up peculiar sayings to sips of sweet tea to all the notable cuisine and everything in between. Pete began to understand and started not only living but embracing southern life; taking things a little more slowly, taking his time, and doing things right the first time. What began as a dream has become his love letter to The South.

Chef Pete photo

Known for our unique take on traditional Southern fair, we welcome you with a laid-back atmosphere, Southern hospitality, delicious craft cocktails, and thoughtfully created, scratch-made dishes.